Our Mission

Mission of the University

St. Gregory's is a Roman Catholic University, offering through the master's degree level a liberal arts education that has been cherished and handed down in the educational institutions of the Benedictine Order. We promote the education of the whole person in the context of a Christian community in which students are encouraged to develop a love of learning and to live lives of balance, generosity and integrity. As Oklahoma's only Catholic university, St. Gregory's reaches out to members of other faiths who value the distinctive benefits which it offers.

Our Values

As an academic community, St. Gregory's:

  • Fosters intellectual curiosity, a love of learning and the search for wisdom.
  • Develops literacy in language, mathematics, science and computer skills.
  • Teaches communication and critical thinking skills.

As a Catholic community, St. Gregory's:

  • Fosters Catholic faith and Catholic moral development.
  • Offers opportunities for Christian service.

As a Benedictine community, St. Gregory's:

  • Promotes the disciplines of prayer, work, study and leisure.
  • Emphasizes the reflective dimensions of life.
  • Fosters community living.

As a human community, St. Gregory's:

  • Fosters personal and social development.
  • Promotes individual freedom, responsibility and self discipline.
  • Promotes responsible citizenship and concern for the problems of society.