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An important role of the Office of Assessment and Accreditation is to work with campus committees and academic departments to design ways to assess general and major education curriculum to ensure that graduating Cavaliers have a strong liberal arts and professional foundation.

Assessment activities at St. Gregory’s University

Assessment of student learning is conducted in the context of the following categories:

  • Entry-level Assessments are intended to determine a student’s level of skills in math, writing skills, and reading. Entry-level assessments provides St. Gregory’s with information on each student’s current skill base to determine appropriate course placement, as well as developing advising plans with each student.
  • General Education Assessment is designed to evaluate St. Gregory’s general education curriculum and includes a portfolio with artifacts developed during coursework. This process allows students to see a grade on the project as it progresses and allows them the opportunity to make corrections. Independent reviewers assess the portfolio to provide students with detailed, written feedback about their work.
  • Program Outcomes Assessment centers on assessing student learning and related educational experiences to determine the extent to which students have acquired the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes associated with their majors or academic programs of study.
  • Assessment of Student Satisfaction is aimed at gathering feedback from students regarding to their educational experiences. The surveys provide valuable information for evaluating and improving academic programs as well as student services.

St. Gregory's University presents departmental factbooks by learning objectives that reflect the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that a student has attained at the
end (or as a result) of his or her engagement in a particular set of collegiate experiences.

Assessment process at St. Gregory’s University:

The St. Gregory’s assessment process is based on a four-step process involving Planning, Assessing, Analyzing, and Improving. Find out more about the steps of the St. Gregory's Assessment Process

Licensure Information:

Department of Nursing- The first class of Bachelor of Science in Nursing students graduated in Spring 2017. Of those graduates, 100% passed the National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses.

Department of EducationTeacher education candidates' pass rate over the past three years on state certification exams is 84%. St. Gregory's currently has elementary and secondary teacher graduates employed in Arklahoma, Edmond, McLoud, Meeker, Midwest City, Oklahoma City, Norman, Putnam City, Shawnee, Tecumseh and Norman, in addition to Catholic schools throughout Oklahoma.


Survey Cycles:

Below are surveys St. Gregory's University administers to its constituents on a regular basis.

Success Navigator/First-Year Student Adjustment Survey

Administered during the first weeks of the fall semester, Success Navigator identifies those students who are at-risk due to adjustment to college difficulties. The instrument measures academic and social adjustment, institutional and goal commitment and personal adjustment/self-management. Instructors in the First-Year Experience Courses, the Office of Academic Success, the Dean of Students and Resident Advisors intervene and provide support to struggling students. The survey also identifies areas of focus for workshops and other skill development trainings. 

The IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction System

Administered in each course during the last weeks of the semester. The IDEA provides feedback to instructors on students’ perceptions of their own progress on 12 learning objectives, with emphasis on the items ranked as “essential” or “important.” Includes institutional and benchmarking reports.

Alumni Survey

The Alumni Survey is “designed to assess the long-term impact of teaching practices and institutional conditions on liberal education outcomes such as critical thinking, information literacy, and problem solving. It also examines postgraduate employment outcomes, college debt, and college satisfaction.” We administer the Alumni Survey at different time periods after graduation.