Residential Life

St. Gregory’s Residence Life Program

The St. Gregory’s University Residence Life program is a co-curricular educational program that is an integral part of the university’s educational and religious mission. The purpose of the program is to facilitate development of character and leadership skills of individual student residents while teaching the students about the balance of personal freedom with responsibility to community. This is accomplished by encouraging student residents placed in the program to take part in forming a residential community of students where personal behavior is consistent with Christian/Catholic moral principles and virtues, and Benedictine values are encouraged through activities and policies.

In short, living in community isn’t all about “me.” As students at a Catholic university, daily life is about your roommate, suitemate, the student who lives down the hall or in the room above or below you. It is about the people who make up your community—especially those who are in need. This foundation is best expressed in the Office of Student Life’s motto: “I become me by becoming we.”

St. Gregory’s features two female residence halls and two male residence hall. There are no coed residence halls. Freshman men are housed in Mark Braun Hall and have shared community-style bathrooms. Non-freshman females reside in Felix DeGrasse East Hall and Felix Degrasse West Hall, where two students per room share a private bathroom with two other students. Non-freshman male students reside in Thomas Duperou Hall.

Residence Hall entrances and hallways are monitored by camera 24/7 by Security staff. Inter-visition hours are as follows:  

  • Sunday-Thursday: 3:00pm until 11:00pm
  • Friday: 12:00pm until 12:00am
  • Saturday: 8:00pm until 12:00am

Degrasse East Hall

Degrasse East Hall is a three-story, suite-style residence hall for male students. A suite consists of two bedrooms (either double or private rooms) joined by a bathroom.

Degrasse West Hall

Degrasse West Hall is a three-story, suite-style residence hall for female students. A suite consists of two bedrooms (either double or private rooms) joined by a bathroom.

Duperou Hall

Duperou Hall is a three-story, suite-style residence hall for female students. A suite consists of two bedrooms (either double or private rooms) joined by a bathroom.

Mark Braun Hall

Mark Braun Hall was the first residence hall built at St. Gregory's. This hall is a three-story, traditional residence hall, with primarily private rooms and community bath facilities on each floor. In addition to living facilities on the second and third floor, Mark Braun’s first floor houses the Nursing Department.

Mark Braun Second Floor

Mark Braun Second Floor houses female students in primarily single rooms, and also houses the women of the Sacred Heart Scholasticate, a living and learning community that is a cooperative effort between the offices of campus ministry and student life. Mark Braun second floor has 24-hour quiet hours which creates an environment more conducive for studying.

Mark Braun Third Floor

Mark Braun Third Floor houses male students in primarily single rooms, and also houses the men of the Sacred Heart Scholasticate, a living and learning community that is a cooperative effort between the offices of campus ministry and student life. Mark Braun third floor has 24-hour quiet hours which creates an environment more conducive for studying.

Meal Plans

Students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan and can choose from two different plans: 14 or 21 meals per week. All meal plans come with $150 of Cyber Cash to be used in the Cyber Café on campus. Meals are served food-court style with breakfast, lunch and dinner every week day. Weekends feature a late brunch and dinner. The main dining area is Bernard Murphy Hall and features an assortment of home cooking, grilled or made-to-order items. Vegetarian and other dietary considerations are available upon request.

Residency Requirements

Living on-campus is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to live in and be a part of a Benedictine student community. Research at colleges and universities across the country indicates on-campus students are significantly more likely to succeed academically than their off-campus peers. They are also more likely to be involved in campus activities, to graduate and to feel positive about their college experience.

For these reasons, St. Gregory’s University (like most private and many public colleges and universities) has a policy requiring students to live on-campus. The university’s policy is intended to require all traditionally-aged students to live on-campus for the entire first and second year of studies. St. Gregory’s University policy is as follows:

All new, first-time, transfers, and any student who left St. Gregory’s University (SGU) and returned after a semester are required to live on-campus for the first three years of attendance at SGU. Exceptions to this requirement may be made at the discretion of the Dean of Students on a case-by-case basis. Following the first year, students can apply to live off campus using one of the provisions listed below:

  1. For the entire period in question, the student will continue to live with his/her parents or court appointed legal guardian(s) in the family home where the street address of the home is no more than fifteen (15) miles from campus.
  2. The student is twenty three (23) years of age or older at the time of admittance to the University. Alternatively, if the student turns twenty three (23) at any point of his/her time at St. Gregory's, the student is free to apply for an exception that would be applicable to the first full semester after the birth date.
  3. The student is married. Students with plans to marry during the time they are required to live on campus will be required to live on-campus up to the date of the wedding.
  4. The student is the legal custodial parent or court appointed custodial guardian of a minor, child or children.
  5. The student obtains senior status, in good academic standing, and is the age of twenty one (21) before the first day of classes for the semester in question.
  6. The student is registered in the Student Disability Services program with a documented disability and is able to provide appropriate documentation to verify the need for reasonable accommodation in the student residence facility that the University is not able to provide. Students who would like to submit a request for approval to live off-campus consistent with this this should submit a request to the Dean of Students.

The University reserves the right to consider each request on a case-by-case basis, and to request and receive any and all documentation deemed necessary to verify the information submitted with the request. As part of the approval process, a legally recognized parent or court-appointed legal guardian must sign the request. A minimum of five (5) business days is required to process requests. The student is advised not to enter into any off campus lease or rental agreement before the University makes its determination with regard to the student’s request.


The residence life staff is here to serve on-campus students and provide a positive residential environment based upon a Benedictine model of community. The residence life staff assists residents with needs and concerns. They are authorized by the university to enforce policies in the residence halls and elsewhere on the campus. The residence life staff includes:

  • The Director of Residence Life is responsible for providing leadership for the University’s student residence program. He/she provides supervision for all student residence facilities, supervises the sign-up process for student housing, makes room and roommate assignments; supervises checking in and out of residences; and mediates conflicts between residents.
  • The Residence Directors (RDs) are professional level staff residing on-campus in student housing. The RDs provide leadership for the residence life program within the on-campus residence facility. They are responsible for supervision of their hall and the staff and residents who live there. They enforce university policies and they have the authority, with the approval of the associate director of student life, to establish policies specific to the circumstances in their hall. They are also authorized to assist the Dean of Students in the administration of student discipline.
  • Prefects are students who also live in the student residences and are employed by the university to assist the RDs in serving student residents. Prefects are authorized to enforce university policies and to document violations. They have the authority to refer violators to RDs or to the Dean of Students for conduct sanction.


Laundry facilities in each residence facility are available for residents of that particular residence hall. Laundry machine operation costs are free to students; however, students must supply their own detergent and related items. Non-residents are prohibited from using the laundry facilities unless they have a resident student host with them.

Important Forms

All St. Gregory’s students are required to complete and submit an Immunization Form prior to the start of the semester, or he/she will not be allowed to attend class. Click here for the Immunization Requirement Waiver form.

Students who wish to make special request in reference to on-campus housing, can fill out the Housing Request Form on CampusVue and submit it to the Dean of Students.

Students who wish to live off campus should click HERE to place a request.