Catholic Culture

As Oklahoma's only Catholic university, St. Gregory’s is a vital and integral part of the Catholic Church in the state. 

On our campus, we have several organizations and activities that represent the Catholic life on campus.

  • Pro-Life Team

Supports and coordinates pro-life activities that promote and defend the respect for human dignity from conception until natural death. These activities include prayer, supporting legislation, and making others aware of the atrocity of abortion.

  • Buckley Team

The Buckley Team is a scholarship-based organization that puts on retreats for young catholics.

  • The Knights of Columbus

Fraternal organization for Catholic men that provides service to the Church and the community and participates in service projects and leadership workshops. This organization is affiliated with the national Knights of Columbus organization.

  • The Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary

Committed to being the sister organization of the Knights of Columbus on campus and providing support to the Knights through service to the Church and the community. The Ladies also participate in the service projects and leadership workshops set forth by the Knights of Columbus.

  • Theology On Tap

Once-a-week activity during which a speaker is invited to come out to talk to the students and those whp are 21 and older receive free beer.

St. Gregory's Abbey, which neighbors the campus, invites everyone to the following:

  • Mass
  • Confession
  • Adoration