Type of Degree: 
Bachelor of Science
Average Time of Commitment/Completion: 
4 years

A company's success relies heavily on the effectiveness of its marketing. Marketing identifies potential products and the customers who are most likely to buy them, communicates the availability and benefits of these products and motivates customers in target markets to buy (either other businesses, government agencies or individual consumers). Marketing managers plan and implement marketing campaigns constantly, always looking for new ways to identify potential customers and promote brand awareness to bring in sales leads.

Marketing students usually study management and business law, economics, accounting and finance, statistics, market research and data analysis, advertising, communications and sales, psychology and consumer behavior, creative writing, journalism and public speaking, graphic design, art and photography.

Examples Of Careers/Jobs That Are Suited To This Major: 

Marketing Manager, Website Developer, Market Analyzer, Advertising Specialist, Brand Manager

Examples Of This Major’s Core Classes: 

The following business foundational courses are to be completed with at least a 2.0 GPA before proceeding to disciplinary core requirements.
• EC 1603 Macroeconomics (3 cr.)
• EC 1613 Microeconomics (3 cr.)
• BU 1623 Computer Applications (3 cr.)
• BU 2113 Financial Accounting (3 cr.)
• BU 2123 Managerial Accounting (3 cr.)
• MA 3013 Statistics for Business (or equivalent statistics course) (3 cr.)
• BU 3041 Applied Business Statistics Lab (1 cr.)
• SO 3213 Fundamentals of Leadership (3 cr.)

The following required business disciplinary core courses are to be taken only after successful completion of the above foundational courses.
• BU 3023 Principles of Management (3 cr.)
• BU 3033 Principles of Marketing (3 cr.)
• BU 3043 Principles of Finance (3 cr.)
• BU 3053 Principles of Business Law (3 cr.)
• BU 4963 Strategic Management (3 cr.)
• BU 4993 Senior Seminar (3 cr.)

(The following required courses are in addition to the common core curriculum, business foundational courses and business disciplinary core requirements. Also, student must have earned at least a “C” in Microeconomics.)
• BU 4033 Consumer Behavior (3 cr.)
• BU 4123 International Business (3 cr.)
• Marketing Electives (9 cr.)
• BU 4133 Marketing Research/Strategy (3 cr.)

Special Activities/Opportunities You’ll Experience At St. Gregory’s: 

At St. Gregory’s, you’ll have the opportunity to test your skills and abilities outside of the classroom by creating and executing Enactus projects. Enactus is a non-profit organization that empowers students to empower others by finding free enterprise solutions to today’s problems.

In addition, all SGU business majors are required to compete in the Governor’s Cup Business Plan competition, which requires the completion and approval of a workable business plan for a specific company. Students are given two chances to compete in the Governor’s Cup. Juniors have the opportunity to join the senior teams to build a plan and compete. Then, all seniors are required to create a new business solution to fill a market need.

Our Commitment To You: 

The SGU business department faculty is dedicated to ensuring you are equipped with the character, knowledge and skills needed to compete in life and work.

We provide a customized education of the whole person. The faculty serves the student by assessing individual needs and creating an environment that is conducive for growth throughout your educational journey.

Bottom line, degrees, such as Marketing, that are based in the business department offer the practical skills employers in all types of businesses seek on a daily basis.

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