Type of Degree: 
Bachelor of Arts, major or minor in Philosophy
Average Time of Commitment/Completion: 
4 years

The study of philosophy, the “love of wisdom,” is the rational consideration of the universal and necessary principles of our world. Beginning with natural wonder and proceeding with systematic analysis, it asks the perennial questions of the human condition: What is truth? How do we come to know or understand our world? What are the good and the just? How should we live? What does it mean to be a person? What is the purpose of our existence? What, in the end, is the ultimate measure and standard of meaning and value in our lives?

Philosophy seeks to provide answers to such questions through rigorous reflection and sound reasoning. It recognizes, both in theory and in practice, that concrete solutions to these problems are necessary if we are not only to live, but to live well.

The student of Philosophy will not only become familiar with a wide variety of approaches to these issues, from the ancient world to the present, but will also, just as importantly, learn to practice the skills of clear observation, true judgment and sound reasoning.

Examples Of Careers/Jobs That Are Suited To This Major: 

Teaching, academic research, law, public service, writing, politics, journalism, business

The philosopher’s stress on open-minded critical thinking, rational problem-solving and the desire to understand how and why things work is valuable in most any field or vocation.

Examples Of This Major’s Core Classes: 

Introduction to Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Philosophical Ethics and the Just Society, Business Ethics, Health Care Ethics, Philosophy of the Human Person, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching.

Special Activities/Opportunities You’ll Experience At St. Gregory’s: 

Theta Alpha Kappa Honors Society, ITEST (Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology) Chapter, and a wide variety of regular reading, discussion and study groups.

Our Commitment To You: 

The Department of Theology and Philosophy is dedicated to encouraging our students, through the means of both reason and faith, to come to a deeper understanding of themselves, their world and their Creator.

We are committed to a model of education based firmly upon Catholic and classical, liberal arts principles, which seeks to educate the whole person morally, intellectually and spiritually.

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